How to get cash from an ATM without a card?

Luxury Bali, February 20, 2024

Often there are situations when a little cash is needed for every day use or just there is no time to come to the office to exchange some cash.

For such cases we have a service of cash withdrawal via ATM.
Minimum amount - 1.000.000 idr. Maximum amount - 10.000.000 idr.
What do you need for this?

  • Receive a special code and phone number from “Luxury Bali” after making a RUB/usdt transfer.

*** Please note that ATM can issue no more than 1.250.000 idr for 1 transaction, so if more amount is needed “Luxury Bali” will issue several codes. Also note, that transactions can only be multiples of 50,000 or 100,000.


  1. Make an exchange with “Luxury Bali” no more than 15-20 minutes before your arrival at the ATM, or upon the arrival at the ATM. As the code is valid for 1 hour.
The code looks like this (6 digits)
2. When received the code, go to the ATM and press "Transaksi Tanpa Kartu" (Cardless transaction)
3. Next enter the phone number given by the manager and press "Benar" (Correct)
4. Then enter the 6 digit code and again press "Benar" (Correct)
5. After that, the ATM gives the cash. If receiving a large amount (multiple codes were given before), repeat all the steps starting from step 2
Congratulations! Great job!