Police Escort

The best way to get around island  is in a comfortable, air-conditioned car. However, Balinese traffic, narrow roads and the special driving style of local motorists do not always allow you to fully enjoy the trip.

Want to move around without any restrictions?
Then order the police escort service and travel around the island quickly and safely in a luxury minivan with private driver. Luxury Bali offers you an exclusive service   - escorting guests on   police motorcycles and   cars with the choice of optimal routes in order to save time.
Only here
The best
Movement around the island without traffic jams
Time saving
Comfort and safety
The best police officers ensure the safety of customers and freedom of movement throughout the entire island of Bali.
Why stand in the kilometer-long traffic jams of Bai Island when you can quickly bypass them
Spend your time on entertainment, family and other more pleasant things than being stuck in traffic.
From the airport or hotel to your destination, your comfort and safety is our priority.
Мы предлагаем
Police car
Police bike
One way
One day
One way
from 4 000 000 IDR
One day
from 4 500 000 IDR
from 4 500 000 IDR
from 6 200 000 IDR
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